Posture is the foundational technique for us as Irish Dancers… Without the proper facilitation of technique; it’s impossible to breath properly, maintain stillness, and activate properly through our core. The repercussions of which detriment both the look of our performance, and ability to progress! So not only is it an aesthetic necessity; it also has
Welcome! Having a beautiful point is hugely sought after as a dancer; A high arch & lovely lines from your knee to the tip of your toe, is an attribute everyone wants to have! But it’s not just the LOOK of your point that’s important… The alignment of your feet and ankles tells a lot
Welcome! I’m EXCITED! This challenge is a little different to the ones I’ve done before… Not only is it a full 3 weeks long, I’ve laid out a complete progressive programme that is READY AND WAITING to take your stamina to the next level! There’s a couple of particular components we as Irish Dancers need